Proteins protein

Vegetable proteins are made by cold pressing of raw plant seeds or grains. The oil obtained in this way is separated from the solids. The resulting paste is dried and then ground into a fine powder. Vegetable proteins are completely natural and unprocessed products, therefore they retain all their valuable and desirable properties.

W Depending on the raw material from which they were made, vegetable proteins differ in the composition of fatty acids, the content of minerals and proteins (although all of them have about 50g of protein per 100g of product).

For whom?

Vegetable proteins are recommended in particular to people who practice sports and all those who lead an active, healthy lifestyle as well as people who are slimming. Vegetable proteins are almost neutral in taste, thanks to which the prepared dishes do not change their basic taste. As an all-plant product, they are especially recommended for vegans and vegetarians and can be eaten daily. The recommended daily intake is approx. 30 gr. daily (once or in divided portions).

Vegetable protein is an excellent addition to everyday porridge, muesli, yoghurt, cottage cheese, omelettes, salads, sauces, pastries and cocktails (fruit or vegetable). It is also an excellent thickener for cream-type vegetable soups.